Bosch or Pierburg fuel pump?

Gerard gerard at
Tue Sep 5 16:37:13 EDT 2000


As the car is still coming together slowly, I think it's time to start
sourcing replacement a fuel pump. I don't want to rebuild the Bosch unit
in the car. After hearing about people fitting new Bosch units that
started making noise just after a few hundred miles, I am not keen on
going that route considering I am building the car to last a long time.

Pierburg AG have given me the part number for their replacement pump,
and the local supplier, whom I just called, said it'd have to be a very
large order. (Turns out the guy at this place seems a bit mad at me as I
forgot to get back to him on a set of Mahle pistons. Ooops. Didn't need
to order them as I found a complete sub-assembly for the car, so either
way I'll suffer. :))

This leaves the Audi agents and similar Bosch suppliers.

So which is best? The Pierburg or the Bosch fuel pump? If I recall
correctly it was stated on the list that Audi used Pierburg to replace
faulty Bosch units. Is that correct?

Who can get hold of a new Pierburg 7.21651.50.0 fuel pump?


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