Spotted: Wicked 4ktq in Burlington, VT

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Tue Sep 5 21:56:35 EDT 2000

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<<  Well it's a Sportq hood, Moda rims, SCCA marking, and the trunk
 had a turbo badge on it.  Though the kicker was the exhaust, it ended at the
 rear doors, two large pipes firing outwards at the rear passenger's door,
 right before the wheel.  What a rumble, but the driver didn't accelerate
 hard at the light, wonder what it sounds like at lift off? >>

Seen it - the guy was down here, built the car himself.  Seemed very 
knowledgable, but rather smug looking at my CSQ - his was pretty ugly at the 
time (green hood with a silver car...).  He also seemed annoyed that I had 
both a modified GT and a modified CSQ - kinda a "why don't you concentrate on 
one" approach.  He seemed to indicate, also, that his car had astronomical 
power, but then was unable to back it up, as it "wasn't running right" - ie, 
couldn't really keep up with traffic.  But I was assured several times that 
it had "over 330 hp."


It may very well, but something tells me that when asked to press it, it 
probably won't be running right again....

Still, a neat car, especially for a home built special.

Carter J
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