exploding headlights?

Marc A Swanson mswanson at cisunix.unh.edu
Wed Sep 6 01:36:40 EDT 2000

I was working on a few things on my 4ktq when I noticed that my drivers
side headlight (Cibie H4/H1 Euros) looked foggy like some water had found
its way in.  I looked closer and I thought the H4 bulb looked a little
strange.. then I found glass shards in the bottom of the lens.  I started
getting real nervous thinking I managed to crack a lens but it turns out
that somehow, my H4 bulb EXPLODED!!??  I've changed a few burnt out
headlights in my lifetime but I've never seen one just simply explode like
that.  Anyone else seen this happen before?  And no, I didn't touch the
bulb when I installed it....



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