More Type44/43 and other names: A German view

Jens jimknopf at
Wed Sep 6 10:37:16 EDT 2000

Hi there!

I read all the posts concerning the Type44 name debate. 
I don't understand the problems some have with it. If someone doesn't
know, he gets an explanation for sure. But why do I (and many others)
use this name instead of Audi 100, 200, 5k or whatever?
The reasons are some:
a) There are 4 (four!) generations of cars all called "Audi 100" in
the "C1" from 1968 to 1978 (including Coupe, 4 and 2 door limo, Audi
the Type43 or C2 from 1978 till late 1982 (including Avant, 4 and 2 door
sedan Audi 100 and 200)
the Type44 or C3 from 1982 till late 1990 (including Avant, 4 door sedan
Audi 100 and 200)
The Type44Q ist generally considered a Type44. (Q stands for quattro.)
The C4 (or 4A) is from 1990 till 1997 (Avant and 4 door limo, at first
named 100 (and S4) here, then changed to A6 and S6)
The C5 (or 4B) from 1997 till ???? (Avant and 4 door limo, A6 and S6)

b) These are factory and/or the codes that are used in the German
registration papers.

c) It is handy to use "Type44" it just bundles the cars. However, the V8
is NOT really a Type44, it is a D1 (the A8 is a D2), although it is
based on the Type44 and is generally considered a very close relative.

d) 5k or 100 and 200 in USA, 500 in South Africa, 100 or 200 in Germany,
but they are always Type44. Do you say: "Nice meeting, lots of '84 5000
and '89 200 20V as well as some '88 100 and 200?" Really? I say "Lots of
nice 44s" 
Oh by the way, I own a Type43, and I always address my cars as "the 44"
and "the 43" ;)

e) Of course, if someone just won't use this designation, it's fine with
my, but I find it useful, as there is one year, where Type44 and C4 were
built: So what is a '90 Audi 100? Or an '82 Audi 100?

Would some of you also say that using the engine codes is alienating? If
so, my 44 has an NF engine and I am hoping to once have a Type44 with a
3B engine. ;)

Looking forward to read your opinions

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