Avants and Space Blankets!!!

Allen Swett allens at mitronics.com
Wed Sep 6 11:59:34 EDT 2000

Greetings fellow listers,

Reason #99 to buy a 91 200Q20V Avant........

This past weekend, driving to a party in the heaviest rainstorm I've seen
in a long time, pulling up to the house and realizing I've left my umbrella
at home....DOH...
Everyone's bummed, we'll be soaked.....aha....hey open up that back
compartment on the passenger side.....and grab the Factory Space
Blanket!.....a 10 X 10 tarp has been folded in it's original spot since it
appears 91....voila, coverage for 4 adults,.....  

You gotta love this stuff!!! 

Best Regards,
Allen Swett
Montclair NJ
89 200q w/ 1.8 SJM
91 200qa (with the space blanket)

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