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Ken Keith auditude at
Wed Sep 6 10:25:43 EDT 2000

Todd Young <tyoung at> wrote:
> Unka Bart wrote:
> > The new issue of AutoWeek (hot out of my snailbox a mere 2 hours ago),
> > tells us that the new W12 will be unveiled at the Paris  auto show, *this*
> > month, under the hood of a new A8.  "The compact, all-alloy, direct
> > injection gasoline 6.0-liter delivers about 450 hp, plenty of reserve over
> > the 360 hp ["DUH!" ed.] found in the performance S8 (itself due on US
> > shores early next year as a late 2001 model)."
> >
> > Sounds like two VR-6s, conjoined at the crank, to yer kindly ol' Unk...
> Probaby is, they've been talking about doing that for years, all sorts of
> variations possible, W12, W10(two VR5 engines). The 18 cylinder in the Bugetti
> show car is actually 3 VR6s joined at the crank.

I heard (the older W12 anyway) it was three banks ("W") of 4, so it 
would be more like three 2.0l 4 cylinders.  Two VR6's would be 
something else, like an "X12", with 4 banks of three.  Or, if all 4 
banks of cylinders were narrow angle like the VR6, then it would be 
just a really complicated cluster of cylinders.  I can't even picture 
that tho'.

Unless you are talking joined inline, which would make them "V"'s 
and not "W"'s, wouldn't it?



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