Oil Pressure Switch 4k/5k 5 cylinders

The Quattro King quattroking at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 6 11:59:29 EDT 2000

Can some one out there explain to me how the oil pressure switches work on
the 5 cylinder motors?  I am specifically talking about a 1984 4ksq but I
imagine it is the same throughout the board.  I have deducted that the 1.8
bar switch operates the light at ignition on but the motor not running.  So
what does the other switch do?  It has a range of numbers like .03 bar to
4.3 bar or something to that effect.  I am adding a set of gauges to the car
and don't really care about the idiot light.  I am installing a oil pressure
gauge and a temp gauge.  So, will it hurt to remove both the switches?
Currently I have taken out the 1.8 bar switch.

Any help and info on this will be appreciate.


Shayne P.

1972 MB 280 SEL
1984 4ksq
1987 4ks
1991 v8q5
1991 200q Sedan
1992 S4

Parting:  1972 Mercedes Benz 280 SE 4.5

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