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Gerard gerard at
Thu Sep 7 12:28:46 EDT 2000


About 3-3.5 months ago I was looking for Boge shocks. I looked at the
range they had and listened to what listers had to say. I decided I
wanted a set of TurboGas shocks. These are not readily available in
South Africa, so I e-mailed Sachs/Boge in Germany about ordering a set
from them. They faxed me the details (most efficient) about their
importer in South Africa. I got a price quote and then put in the order.
They were to be a special order from Germany. About a month and a half
went by and I did another check-in call to see shipping status, only to
find out the person I was dealing with had left the importer's company.
Another few people looked into it. Confirmed the order and I let it
carry on its merry way. Called back a few weeks later for status and
discovered that the shocks had been placed on a ship and not a plane, so
I had to wait about 3 weeks longer. Called in after the 3 weeks and was
told they were arriving the end of that week (last week Friday). I left
it over the weekend and called in on Monday. The guy at the company had
been looking for my number as he was told to get hold of me to let me
know the TurboGas units had arrived on Friday and I need to have them
shipped from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

I'm used to South African companys taking forever to acquire
international products: 1-2 months for SKF front wheel bearings, 3
months for GLYCO rod and main bearings (after Federal-Mogul said no, I
went to FEMO), 1.5 months for guy at FEMO to tell me I must wait another
2 months for a set of crank thrustwashers and rod pin bushings from
GLYCO. I tracked the GLYCO down in East Rutherford, New Jersey, and
ordered them yesterday, the extra cash spent on shipping will be worth
it to get them here 2 months earlier! (Yes, being anal opting for brand
names! :))

I was ready to pay for the shocks, but got told that they are
compliments of Bahmann International. :) It seems I have found a South
African automotive equipment/part supply company who thinks a 3 month
wait is just not on and no customer should have to do that, even on
special orders. :) I was literally in shock (no pun intended)! Had to
have a glass of water and had the shakes for a few hours. My face has
still not gone back to normal from all the grinning I did this past
Monday (4 Sep 2000). :)

Many thanks to Kai Bahmann and the staff at International Parts and
Components in Johannesburg, South Africa! :) IPC, I think, deal mostly
in BMW components.

This morning, at 8:15am, I took delivery of 4 Boge TurboGas from the
courier. The courier cost was about $9. The quote I got right in the
beginning for the TurboGas was about $380! I now have a set of Boge
TurboGas for $9. :)

It has been a good week for the Audi 200 that has been sitting around
for a full year now. :)

I'm a happy type-44 owner. :)

q-list info: 1989/1990 200 (MC1 MAC13A FWD) ... soon fitted with $9
worth of Boge TurboGas!

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