Fuel Pump sound? - 86 5KS

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Thu Sep 7 18:33:09 EDT 2000

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>Subject: RE: Fuel Pump sound? - 86 5KS
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>> wasn't normal.  duh!  anyway, when i pulled it out to inspect the mesh
>> screen it wasn't clogged so i ended up just replacing it.  i did keep the
>> old one just in case.
>I am _pretty_sure_ that I saw on TFA for the V8 that it had a screen that
>was not integral with the pump ... for those who would like to retain the
>screen it may be possible to retrofit the V8's screen on the old style pump.
>I would not be surprised if the '91 200q/20v had the exact same pump
>configuration as the V8Q.

I recently replaced the horribly buzzy fuel pump--which I think was the
original--in my '91 200q. It did not have an integral filter--just the
detachable filter basket below, which happened to be as clean as a whistle.
The replacement Bosch pump is the thinner, newer style pump and has a small
integral filter (about 5/8" dia). Considering the cleanliness of the tank,
I left all filters in place.

There's nothing quite as quiet as a _really_ quiet fuel pump! (repeat three

I hope it lasts.

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