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capalmer at nortelnetworks.com capalmer at nortelnetworks.com
Fri Sep 8 14:01:43 EDT 2000

> Audi suggests 34 front, 40 rear, for tire pressures on my '96 A6 qw. I'm
> thinking that this is specified more to ensure appropriate pressure if the
> rear is loaded rather than for optimal handling. I would have thought that a
> better setup would be 34/34 or thereabouts (for an unloaded car).
> I'm currently running the stock 15" wheels, will be going to 16"s in the
> spring.
> Anyone running other pressures on quattro wagons? Thoughts?
> Lee

Well on my S6 Avant the recommendation is:
 36f/36r normal load,
 40f/40r fully loaded
This is on the fuel filler flap.
Is that where you got your 34/40 from?
Given the weight distribution of an Audi, 34front/40rear sounds,
if anything, backwards to me. Unless you're carrying a load
of bricks.

I normally run mine at 38f/38r.

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