Overheating 90

Pat, Andrea & Theo Quinn 3quinns at ltol.com
Sat Sep 9 22:10:14 EDT 2000

I just got back from a run to the grocery store. About five minutes into the
trip, the Temp. warning light started to flash, I looked down at the gauge
and the needle was about two thirds up the dial. At the next exit I pulled
over to see what was up. The overflow reservoir was bubbling away, and I
noticed the fans were not on. I checked all three fuses related to the
radiator fans, they were fine, and when I switched the air-conditioning on,
the fans would turn on then. I topped off the reservoir and came back home.
I forgot to mention a strange 'fluttering' noise, which seemed to come from
the steering wheel, or from directly behind it. I heard the noise maybe
three times during the trip, but only once on the way back home, and only
right after I started the car.
I am not very mechanical, but I am hoping this is not a major fix, I still
need to replace my leaking steering rack, I was just waiting for my next pay
Thank you,
Pat Quinn
1995 90q
Lake Tahoe, CA 

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