Overheating 90

Grant Lenahan gfl at erols.com
Sun Sep 10 09:36:24 EDT 2000

>I just got back from a run to the grocery store. About five minutes into the
>trip, the Temp. warning light started to flash, I looked down at the gauge
>and the needle was about two thirds up the dial. At the next exit I pulled
>over to see what was up. The overflow reservoir was bubbling away, and I
>noticed the fans were not on. I checked all three fuses related to the
>radiator fans, they were fine, and when I switched the air-conditioning on,
>the fans would turn on then.

OK, good detective work.  You proved that the fan does operate, but 
does nto come on simply from high temperature coolant.  Your coolant 
temp thermo-switch (used to turn on the fan) must be shot.

>I topped off the reservoir and came back home.
>I forgot to mention a strange 'fluttering' noise, which seemed to come from
>the steering wheel, or from directly behind it. I heard the noise maybe
>three times during the trip, but only once on the way back home, and only
>right after I started the car.


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