universal exhaust on 85 4kq question

Ameer Antar ameer at snet.net
Mon Sep 11 01:01:53 EDT 2000

go for it, whenever you go to a sport exhaust, you will lose a little 
torque, but not much, unless you put on a 3" muffler. You get better 
breathing on the hwy and better gas mileage, esp. if your old exhaust is 
plugged. Put on a 2.25" muffler and you should be all set. A good shop can 
tune the sound for you w/ tips or center muffler. That's why the scorpion 
exhausts are so expensive. They're specific ready-to-go kits that are 
bolt-on and tuned for proven exhaust note. Plus it's polished stainless. 
Stainless is the way to go unless you live in Arizona...

At 11:35 PM 9/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>   i wanted to add an after market exhaust to my 85 4kq, but i cant seem to
>afford the scorpion or 2bennet exhaust systems. i just wanted to ask everyone
>what they're feelings were towards stainless steel exhausts. what would the
>outcome be.. loss of back pressure? loss of torque? gain in any aspect
>besides noise level? it only $100 bucks including tips (yes tips plural to
>givit that sporty $800 scorpion look) from local car audio/performance shop.
>still need to get an estimate on the work tho. before i spend my cash and
>waste my time please let me know if its good, bad or what have you. thanks
>you very much
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