Audi 90: windows closing with and temp gauge not working

Derick Farfan dfarfan at
Sat Sep 2 22:57:50 EDT 2000

    1)Is there a way that you could add window module from say, a 92 100 into a 88 90 to make the windows close when you lock the car with the key.  The 90 already has the express down feature for the drivers side window, just wanted to know.    
    2)Also my temp gauge is not working correctly, it only reads intermittently and when it does read the value is real real real high like on H but the car does not overheat.  I replaced the thermostat about 7 months ago, I know it shouldn't fail so quickly. So what's up.  Any response to my questions would be greatly appreciated.

Ps - Does any body have a lower engine cover, battery cover, radiator cover, and a rear passenger's side window regulator.  Thanks in advanced.
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