Audi Rear Caliper (1989)

Paul Heneghan paul at
Wed Sep 13 00:09:55 EDT 2000

Hello James and other parking brake mech experts.

I found your learned articles on rear caliper dismantling in the archives.
I have reached the stage where I have removed the circlip at the base of the
cylinder.  Now I need to extract the stud.  Any ideas?  I tried putting the
piston back on and levered the piston upwards.  Al that happened was the
outer shell of the piston came away from the inner bits.

Do I need to remove a washer first?  I can't see one.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.


p.s. the last one I did was from a 1983 car.  The parking brake section was
held on by three bolts.  Once I'd sheared those off, the rest was easy.

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