braking issues on 5KTQ

christoph casati cjcasati at
Sat Sep 9 16:11:39 EDT 2000


my earlier post never made it, telling me that I was not a subscriber. This 
might have to do with my 2 e-mail addresses: Christoph at and 
cjcasati at PLease post this attempt, thank you very much:

On my 5000 CS TQ something odd happens with the brakes: Every once in a 
while the brake pedal gets very hard and I have to really step into it to 
get brake action. Pumping doesn't help, it feels like the brake boost is 
gone. Someone told me that the power steering pump also supplies the brake 
boost but my power steering stays active all the time (I think). I ordered 
the bomb and will replace that regardless since the car is up there in miles 
and has no known service history.

Could someone give me advice on what else to do? I am also losing Pentosin, 
hopefully through the bomb that I am replacing that will be taken care of 
but I have a feeling that that's not the cause for this intermittent brake 

Thank you very much! BTW thanks to all your support as of this morning I 
have a new heater core installed including a rebuilt blower motor!

Christoph at

5000 CS TQ 162K
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