[Fwd: 4KQ shift linkage]

Av8or s8mania at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 13 14:12:12 EDT 2000

Guten Tag Quattrofreunde!

I have received this message from my dear friend Gary. Unfortunately, I am not

able to help (since I never had a problem w/ mine). So, I thought that I would

forward it to you guys. Maybe you can shed some light on this for us.

TIA!   BTW, you can send any responses directly to
RobertsonGary at hotmail.com.
since he is not a lister (... not yet! Let's make him one!)

86 4KSQ

Gary Robertson wrote:

> Zafir,
> My 4KQ is suffering from a shift linkage problem of some sort.
> 1st gear is very difficult to get into, in fact I have to push down on the
> shift lever as if engaging reverse in order to hit it.  The others are
> notchy and sometimes troublesome as well, especially shifting while  under
> power.   I sprayed silicon on the plastic ball at the bottom end of the
> shifter and this helped quite a bit, but the problem remains.
> Are there any adjustments I can make?  Will a short-shift kit replace the
> problem parts?
> Gary

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