compression ratio, '88 5kcstq (motor)

Ken Keith auditude at
Wed Sep 13 12:49:16 EDT 2000

Orin Eman <orin at> wrote:
> > If I run a J&S Safeguard, would I still need or want the code 
> > tweaked?
> You'll probably need 12 to 15 degrees of retard.  can the J&S
> do that?

Here is what this website says.  Ken


Specifications / Technical Data

Application: 4, 5, 6, or 8 cylinder (user selectable), four stroke 
Rotary engine version (can retard only the knocking rotor face). 
Odd-fire six ( Volvo, DeLorean, Maserati, GM). Mazda Miata MX-5 
two coil direct ignition system  

Knock sensor: Bosch or Delco (Application specific).

Active range: Knock sensor ignored below 1300 RPM.

Total retard capability: 10 degrees or 20 degrees (user selectable).

Retard mode control: Retard all cylinders/retard separate cylinders 
(user selectable)

Minimum step size: 1 degree

Maximum step size: 6 degrees (proportional to knock intensity)

Response time: Less than 2 revolutions (before knocking cylinder 
can fire again)

Advance rate: 2 degrees every twenty revolutions

Retard disable: TPS or MAP sensor can disable retard function 
below 1/3 throttle

Rev control: 4, 5, and 8 cylinders: skips every third cylinder (33% 
drop in power) 6 cylinder engines: fires three, then skips two (40% 
drop in power)  

Over-rev If RPM goes one hundred RPM beyond the set point, it will 
skip as many Cylinders as needed.  

Adjustment method: Measure voltage at test point, adjust control 
for desired trip point (6.78 volts Equals 6800 RPM, etc.)  

Resolution: Adjustable in 50 RPM steps.

Rev control range: 3500 RPM to 10,000 RPM

Ignition type: Inductive discharge (drive coil directly, or can trigger 
an MSD).

Dwell control: Constant energy type (dwell angle varies with RPM)

Coil current: Seven amps (coil dependant – if not achievable in 3 
msec., then dwell time is Set to 3 msec.) Higher current settings 
available if user provides heat sinking  

Coil off time: 350usec. Minimum

Triggering: Points OEM electronic, Magnetic pick-up, or Hall effect 
(please specify if Hall effect)  

Operating voltage: 5.2V minimum (cranking), nominal 12 Vdc, 
negative ground

Operating environment: 170 deg. F. maximum

Package: Std. automotive version: 5.0" x 6.5" x 1.2" Polished, 
Anodized Aluminum
Marine/Racing (Fully sealed) version: 5.0" x 7.5" x 1.2" Polished 
Anodized Aluminum

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