any AZ free motors? (was: Re: Another Motor...)

Ken Keith auditude at
Wed Sep 13 16:43:26 EDT 2000

Isn't anyone giving away motors in Arizona?!

Hmm, I just had a little Deja-vu.  I wonder if it's just the synapses 
firing extra.



Bob <mx at> wrote:
> I have a friend who has a 4000Q motor (out of the car). It was from a turbo
> transplant.  Stock and complete. He's willing to give it away, just get it out of
> his garage! Motor is located in Danbury Ct area.
> he can be reached at clocke at
> IUD, dont get ahold of me, contact him directly.
> "Livolsi, Stephane" wrote:
> >
> > >----------
> > >From:  R. Mair[SMTP:waves at]
> > >
> > >We are clearing out our wharehouse and found 2 or 3  5 cyl. motors. Nothing
> > >trick, just normally aspirated 5k and one quantum mill. All of the ran before
> > >being stored a year or two ago. We need the room and plan on throwing them
> > >out for scrap if no one takes em. You'll need to pick them up, or else I can
> > >arrange delivery for a fee. We are located in Reading Pa. I'll be away all
> > >next week, so anytime the week following would be good. The only thing I ask
> > >for is you bring me a 6 pack of GOOD beer, microbrews preffered ;-)

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