Revolution in England

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 But today we have the internet. Even we on this side of the pond know
what's going on. Of course I jump at any opportunity to protest excessive
taxation. Maybe we will protest to our representatives here in the states

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whats the first target in any revolution?...the media

he who controls the media controls the minds of the
population and in this country the establishment
controls the media.

think back...the lies that were told about miners
pickets...the falklands....desert storm...libia..etc
etc etc

generally the truth comes out later (sometimes 30
years later) but the establishment "end" has usually
been achived

rant over

as an aside...thanks for the phone advice yesterday re
LRP and cats...not a problem anymore as I got £50
worth of unleaded at toddington services today so
thats me sorted for the next week.


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