350 HP Potential for CIS

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Sep 14 03:01:37 EDT 2000

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auditude at neta.com writes:

 If one goes to EFI, are there injectors that will fit into the head?  
 Who makes them, and where can I find them?

    Yes, as others have mentioned VW digifant injector inserts screw right 
in.  I have source EFI injectors that are only 2.25" long and do not 
interfere with the TB.  I have also located an ultra low profile fuel rail 
that only adds .5" to the length of the injectors.  Another option is cutting 
the front of the IM off and rewelding the TB on horizontally instead of 
canted downward.

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