Screeching belt and enigne cover.

Suffolk suffolk at
Thu Sep 14 14:11:24 EDT 2000

Re: Screeching Belt 84 4Q:
>Also, in my 84 4ksq there is this belt (a/c??) that you can see partly
>sticking out of the lower part of the litle metal part (where the
>spoiler resides), so when I drive it in the snow or in rain the belt slips
>and screeches like crazy, is this supposed to happen I mean is it OK

IMHOpinion:  The belt is to the alternator.  It is the first pulley in view
to the elements.
Mine slipped for years when wet and snow etc.  80 4K, 864KQ, Bad design.
Blocking it with something may not be a bad idea but I suspect the
Alternator uses "ram"
air to cool it as the 90 200 TQAvant has a duct to take "ram" air from the
and direct it to the back of the alternator.

86 4Q, 90 200 TQAvant, others BOSTON

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