Could my RPM sensor kill my ign while driving

David G daveglu at
Thu Sep 14 11:28:51 EDT 2000

I spent several hours on various days looking for a problem with an 84 4kq
that would die intermittently, pull over, wait not more than a minute and it
would fire and run fine.  This sometimes could be triggered by switching the
headlights to high beam (they were relayed properly). When it did die, the
tack would follow the engine speed indicating there was still likely spark.
    I tried several things including known good FPR and load reduction relay
as well as checking cleaning grounds.  A jumper wire across the FPR would
solve the problem, but not a way to drive it.  FINALLY traced the problem
down to an internal fuse box connection that was intermittently not
supplying power to the switching side of the FPR.

> 89 200  This problem has happened to me 3 times while driving my car in
the last 8 weeks. Driving at normal speeds the car will just die. I pull
over to the side of the road and no spark. I crank the car and pull the
codes and get 4444 no problems. Let the car cool of for 15 to 30 min and it
starts up and purrs. It is not the ign switch and I spec out the coil and it
measures out ok. The only thing I can think of is the RPM sensor down on the
flywheel. Am I correct in my thinking that if the car dies while running the
crank postion sensor would not kill the car? I have ohmed out both sensors
and there is continuity. I do not have the spec so i just measured it out. I
removed and inspected sensors and they look good.
> I have ordered a new coil just in case
> Any thought would be greatly appreciated !!!
> Kevin
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