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Thu Sep 14 18:58:47 EDT 2000

I've actually had decent experience w/ Dad's. They have much lower prices 
than the dealer. I don't understand how it could be $650 more. Unless it's 
some obscure part. As far as Audi 5000 parts they are very reasonable 
compared to any other junkyard. There are some things you just have to shop 
around for though. Window regulators are about the same as new, so yer 
better off w/ new. The orders I got were all the right parts. They even 
included an extra bulb holder just in case they had the wrong one. One 
time, they did send me the wrong hose, but I just sent it back and was 
refunded right away. You can't count on any one source of parts for Audi's. 
If you want the best deals, you MUST shop around. Even sometimes has over priced parts....just my experience

At 04:29 PM 9/14/00, you wrote:
>I have seen several mentions of "Dads" junkyard a few times on the Qlist.
>  Asked them to quote me a few parts through their web site.  Surprising
>to say the least!  For a junkyard that supposedly "specializes" in Audi
>and Saab, they didn't have a clue as to one very common component I asked
>for, offering me a totally incompatible part.  THEN, they ask for $47 for
>a USED gas pedal for the turbo wagon, Mac at Clair sent me a BRAND NEW
>one for $34.  Added up the dozen parts I asked prices for (both V8 and
>200TQ parts) and "Dads" wants $650 MORE, ABOVE what NEW parts from the
>dealer cost.  Caveat Emptor, buyer I'm sure they get people
>in there all the time paying them more for used parts than you could buy
>new from the dealer.
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