5ktq ISV temp sender

Peter McConnel peter at madriver.com
Sun Sep 17 18:47:01 EDT 2000

>> Hello all
>> can someone please explain the following:
>> my idle is a bit high (around 1200) but if i disconnect the isv cable when
>> the engine is warm, the idle drops to 700 and stays there even when i
>> replace the cable.
> The ISV is a funny device.  When you unplug the cable, the ISV will cease
> functioning untill you shut the ignition off and restart the car even if you
> plug the cable back in.  As far as your high idle goes, The usual suspects
> are the idle screw on the top of the TB and non-functioning idle/wot switch.
> There are others of course...


idle/wot resoldered ,repositioned and tested ad-nauseum, idle adjustment
screw brought in a bit. now idles at ~750. am in the process of testing the
ISV, but need to replace the coil first i think. the secondary ignition test
failed: infinity ohm between 1 and 15...

any thoughts on this?


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