Car advice

Elliott Potter epotter at
Sun Sep 17 23:29:04 EDT 2000

John Larson wrote:
> Missed the original message., but the quote and the reply triggered a
> memory. Years ago there was an editorial in Autoweek regarding the same
> problem. Something like "Dear Mr. Editor. I can't decide whether to buy
> my 16 year old son a new Mustang GT or a Camaro Z28." In a stupendous
> outpouring of enlightenment and common sense, the editor told him to buy
> the kid a beater and spend the difference on one or more high quality
> performance driving schools. 

I always liked Tom & Ray's advice; some parent asked them if they should
get their kid a Volvo to drive because it was safe.  T&R's first advice
was, "make the kid walk!"  Then if they have to drive, they said to buy
them a Ford Pinto, and line the inside with big spikes -- your child
will be the safest driver out there!  :)

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