Pics from German meeting

Jens jimknopf at
Tue Sep 19 00:59:52 EDT 2000


> > But now 79 pics of a German meeting are up on my page
> >
> > ->special->galleries->Meeting in Hann. Muenden
> Lots of members put up sites like this, with lots of pictures needing to
> be opened in another window to be appreciated.  My question to the list
> is whether (using Exporer 5X) there is any way to open up the images in
> new Windows via a batch command.  Gets tedious opening them one by one.

You have a point there. I am guilty :(
I should have used the target="_new" or "_blank" option to display them
in a separate window larg enough to see them fully.
A batch command? Good idea! But I don't know how :(
If I want to download a whole site, I use WGet. It is a URL grabber that
downs complete www-directories (it works a bit like a robot)
Would that help you?
I think I downloaded my version from

Anyways, thank you for pointing out my less-than-optimum solution to me,
I think I will at least add that target="..." stuff.


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