stainless steel rack for 5k

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Mon Sep 18 19:24:19 EDT 2000

Jorgen Automotive rebuilds our racks with a stainless steel parts.  Their 
website is at:     and indicates your costs would be about $200 
including a useable core.  Nice thing, I believe, is you can order the 
rack, do the switch and ship the core back.

At 03:53 PM 09/18/2000 -0400, Ameer Antar wrote:

>I live in the US and since I'm pulling my engine, I figure I might as well 
>change my rack. I've heard a lot of complaints about removing the rack, so 
>I figure w/ the engine out, I'd be stupid not to change it. Who has the 
>stainless racks? Are they really longer lasting than the OE units? The 
>partsconnection has em for $250 I believe. Is there a better price than 
>that? Mine isn't actually leaking, but the car is very old ['84], most 
>parts are original, and it makes a bit of a groaning noise and humming 
>vibration every now and then. Also the rack boots are in fair shape but 
>have oil and dirt all over them [can't be good for rubber]. Any advice 
>'84 5kT...190k
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