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unka bart...the terms in question, "skosh" and "rch" (fully spelled out) were
daily measurement units in the USMC in the early-mid-60s (my experience) and
long before and after (the experience of others).  Again, in my experience, the
"r" was often omitted, although the measurement was well-understood without
it.  Having married, in sequence, two "r"s, without much experience with other
standards, I still stand by my previous post...it's the smallest measurable
distance.  Thanks for adding to the knowledge of the list Unka Bart (who was
unknown to me until he resurfaced, having departed before I joined).  Hopefully
this will put all in perspective.  T

Unka Bart wrote:

> Douglas Frank hit the nail on the head.
> RCH is a technical term, that, like "Schosh," is a product of the American
> Military idiom.
> "Scosch" is the Military version of the Japanese technical term, "Scoschi,"
> meaning "Thi-Thi."
> "Thi-Thi" is a Vietnamese technical term, meaning "Nit-Noi;" itself a Thai
> technical term, meaning "Little bit."
> "RCH" (Romeo Charlie Hotel) is a precise measurement, widely used in
> military applications, to describe something the width (or diameter) of a
> (specialized) human hair, found only on red-headed persons of the Female
> persuasion.
> And now, just to keep Brett from blasting me for no list content, may I
> politely conclude by saying "Quattro."
> (gesundheit!)
> Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart
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