Jörgen Karlsson jurg at pp.sbbs.se
Tue Sep 19 03:45:44 EDT 2000

You have no pressure in the oil return line, only a flow of about 120l/hour.

Most likely it is the supply line that is leaking, it seems like the braid
on the flexible part of the return line can drip for hours after it has
gotten oil on it.

I do perfer aftermarket parts in some cases. I have made a flange for the
supply line with a 1/8npt thread, that makes it possible for me to use
Aeroquip fittings and hose. This saves a lot of work for me as I can do the
sensitive work on the bench, that is getting the flange to seal, the AN
fittings are bullet proof.

Jörgen Karlsson
Gothenburg, Sweden

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