custom plates?

Steve Jensen sjensen at
Mon Sep 18 22:40:11 EDT 2000

> So I've been thinking about maybe getting some custom plates for Mein
> Car's name is Bette and she's a black 86 4000 cs quattro...

I'm sorry, I couldn't pass this one up.

Back in the late seventies/early eighties there was a one-hit wonder that
came out with a rock song called "Black Betty".  I believe the name of the
group was called Ram Jam, and they faded as fast as they arrived.

'Course, having a custom plate that says Ram Jam may be a little much for
some folks, it'd be a tad (or an RCH, sir!) too much for me.

-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq
87 5kcstqw

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