Der Black Wagon is running/emission probs.

Steve Jensen sjensen at
Mon Sep 18 23:19:10 EDT 2000

After replacing the oil cooler lines, the oil cooler, changing the oil and
charging the battery, I finally got the black TQW on the road.   She's been
sitting for so long (6 months) that some spiders built some fine webs in the
passenger side footwell.  Let her warm up, then took her gently around the
neighborhood.  Brakes are happy.  Hmm, the temp gauge is dead.  Stopped to
make sure the oil lines weren't leaking, then took her on the interstate to
get emissions and tags.

First impression is that this MC has more oomph than the sedan, might be due
to the cooler temps we have had lately.  And unfortunately the car didn't
pass the emissions test as the CO on idle was way too high.  Doh, since the
temp gauge was inop then the ECU thinks the engine is still cold, so mixture
is way rich.  Take her home, swap out the multi-function switch with a spare
from the tool box and she's working again, so back to the tester.  Temp
gauge on 12 o'clock when we get there, nice and warm.

But she fails again.  CO is down by a good bit at idle (from 4.15%), but
still twice what the state max is: 2.42% actual vs. 1.20% state limit.  HC
is 170 actual vs. 220 limit, so I'm okay there.

I'm thinking the idle mixture is a bit on the rich side, so I'll have the
shop stick a sniffer up the pipe and adjust it down.  Will that affect the
CO as well?


-Steve Jensen
87 5kcstq (on the disabled list)
87 5kcstqw (now loving life)

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