5k tranny conversion

Ameer Antar ameer at snet.net
Mon Sep 18 23:40:14 EDT 2000

On that subject, I have an '84 5kT w/ 3-spd AT. The engine is coming out, 
and I'll have a while before a new one goes back in. So, I'm thinking now's 
the time to change the stuff I've wanted to. The AT is in decent shape. It 
up-shifts and down-shifts properly, doesn't take long time to engage, and 
the pan had no metal particles  in the pan the last time I changed the 
fluid to synthetic. It doesn't seem to be leaking that much either [have 
not topped up in 15k mi.] But, I've heard horror stories about $2500 repair 
bills on these 3-spd's. Also when I got the car, most of the parts were 
original, even the tie-rod ends. So the tranny prolly has 190k on it and 
who knows what will happen a year from now. Is this reason enough to do 
something w/ the tranny???

If yes, then I'd like to change to a 5-spd. How hard is this? Has anyone 
had any experiences? The brake pedal will have to change, but will there be 
space to mount the clutch pedal on mine, or is it a different firewall? 
Also I'd need a new center console. Mine is non-quattro, so what would be a 
suitable 5-spd that can handle 180+hp? My final ratio is 3.25 now, would I 
have to use the manual diff? What are any problems involved? Thanks much 
for straightening this out!

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