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Paul Wilson pauldwilson at
Tue Sep 19 00:37:40 EDT 2000

> > I think combination of poor care and the extreme weight of
> >  SUV's is the cause here. And we're only seeing it now, b/c these huge
> >  trucks are being sold to the masses.

Extreme weight?  An Explorer weighs about 300lb more than an A6 wagon.

> >  And why the hell are they feeding the masses these huge
> trucks. It makes
> no
> >  sense at all. We seem to be taking a step back. Fuel economy on these
> >  things are the same as those big 60's/70's V8's in some cases

My garage has an A4 and a '99 Passat.  Quite frankly, both suck from a
standpoint.  I can carry things in them but the interior will get hacked.  I
had a
hard time with a couple of speakers and a receiver a couple of months ago.
A Passat
wagon would have been better but in '99 they didn't have one with a V6
(stupid).  A
recent shed building project has required the assistance of my father's
Expedition and

The reason SUV's exist is part fashion and part necessity.  THey serve the
same need as
station wagons did in the 60's and 70's.  This is because FWD unit body
vechicles suck
for purposes such as towing.

As for me, there will be a Toyota Tundra in my driveway sometime next year
and I'll keep
both the cars.

Paul Wilson

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