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Tue Sep 19 00:45:40 EDT 2000

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 Four AT's in Seven years... Mileage on trannys averaged from 0 miles 
 (rebuild) to 60K... >>

my story is quite the opposite..

my '84 5kT had 160k on it when it got hit....and the auto tranny shifted 
perfectly...no slippage.  no leaks, never was out, never rebuilt, never split 
open to change the final/diff seal,  never was touched except to change the 
fluid/pan gasket.  Honest truth.    i owned it from 40k (i bought it in '88) 
to 160k, when it was hit april of 99..    

now i have a '86 5kT, with auto. has 110k on it now.  had the tranny pulled 
and split open last fall, (because of some minor leakage at the final/diff 
seal, and because of horror stories on the list) and had new diff/final drive 
seals put in, reinstalled and filled both halves w/ synthetic.   shifts fine, 
no slippage. 
i think it has alot to do with how you drive....
'86 5kT auto, 110k  A4 5 spokes, sport interior, etc.. 
'84 5kT auto, parting out

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