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At 18:47 00-09-18 +0100, SIMON HOLTBY wrote:

>What pressure do you think is in this pipe. The supply pipe I would think
>is at the pressure that would be shown on a pressure gague if I had one
>fitted in my car say about 4 bar. But as the return pipe is twice the
>diameter it may be 2 bar.

There's very little pressure in the oil return pipe, the oil is pressurized
at the entry to the turbo bearing and then flows freely through the return

>Audi quoted a price of 120 gbp plus tax but I have found a local company
>that will make me a pipe for 30 gbp. My main concern is what temperature
>the rubber part of the pipe has to cope with. I'm a little confused here
>because I know turbos can get to hundreds of degrees but oil cannot cope
>with anything like this. So I guess the oil passes quickly through the
>turbo to avoid breaking down. I need to tell the guy how hot this hose
>will get.

No more than 150 degrees Celsius, unless you drive your car very hard.
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