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Brad Wilson bradw at
Tue Sep 19 07:12:52 EDT 2000

Paul Wilson wrote:

> A recent shed building project has required the assistance of my father's
> Expedition and trailer.

I don't know about you, but around here, the Home Depot rents trucks. Buy
your stuff, load it on the rented truck, pay your $19, and go take the stuff
home. Sounds better to me for the occasional fixer-upper than buying a
dedicated vehicle for the off occasion when you need it.

Now, if you need it all the time... that's a different story...

> The reason SUV's exist is part fashion and part necessity.

The reason trucks in general exist is necessity. This "SUV craze" has
nothing to do with necessity. It's all fashion. There are people who are
unfortunately screwed by this popularity, as they watch the vehicle they
need double in price. Remember when you could get a pickup truck for less
than a car? Remember when Suburbans can in vinyl, not leather and carpet?
These things will correct themselves, sooner or later. People are waaaaay
too trendy to not keep up with the Joneses.

Best regards,

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