Uwe Ross scan tools

Peter Guthrie Peter_Guthrie at agilent.com
Tue Sep 19 15:38:20 EDT 2000

I bought the RS232 <-> ISO9141 adapter from Ross ages ago when he
first started making them. At that time he had not published his
VAG-COM software. I used it with Baumtools VWTOOL but it's a bit flakely
on the comms side, VAG-COM is much more stable but not (yet) as fully
featured but Ross is working on it (in between making cables!). I don't
think Baumtools still offer their software via the web now that there
are so many sources for the above ISO9141 cable.

Given the cars you have I would say that the VAG-COM software/cable and
Bentley CDROM are a must if you're considering any DIY maintenance.


Kris Hansen wrote:
> Hi there, I have a feeling that this was beaten to
> death, but I am wondering if any of you have
> experience with the Uwe Ross scan tools, good or bad.
> Also, while I am waiting for my Bentley CD, would
> 'bank 2' of the exhaust on an A4q be the passenger or
> driver side?
> Thanks ever so much!!
> Kris
> 98 A4q Avant 30v
> 96 A4q 12v

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