delrin control arm bushing BTDT?

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Tue Sep 19 11:56:36 EDT 2000

    I used the 2bennett delrin bushings.  Basically, the 2B bushings are one 
solid piece of delrin machined with similar dimensions as the stock bushing.  
The Blau busings have 2 pieces and use less Delrin-maybe that is where the 
price difference is.  Either way, Delrin bushings are awsome and highly 
recommended over the stock rubber mushings...I mean bushings.  Don't know how 
critical the rear is, but the front is a must as it turns and imagine the 
incredible loads those busings take under high speed decreasing radius turns 
and such-also, during braking, I have seen stock Audi wheel travel back about 
2" in their wheel wells.  Here is the post from when I did mine a few months 

Recently I started to notice some steering wheel wobble and clunking 
sounds coming from the front end.  One swift kick to the front tires told me 
how bad my control arm bushings had become.  Basically detached with  
excessive play resulting.  Good...finally an excuse to get some real bushing 
in there.
    Installation is easy, once you have the stock bushings out (took 10 
minutes for all 4 with a special tool I made), the Delrin replacements go in 
quite easily (using a vise) with a little ani-sieze.  There is a machined 
center sleeve that the bushing rotates around, and I lubed everything up with 
generous amounts of nuclear-blast resistant synthetic grease.  Eveything goes 
back in very nicely.  Due to the design, however, an aggressive amount of 
torque on the thru-bolts is required.  I double nutted mine for saftey's sake.
    The results?  Amazing.  This is definitely the cherry on top of the very 
nice suspension that I am currently running.  To this point I am running 2B 
coil overs (380/340lb) with Koni yellows, blue strut bearings, custom rear 
sway bar and a modified front bar with heim joint end links/poly bushings, 
and 205/45-16 Yok. tires.  
    Before, I did not feel that I could trust the suspension at the limit, it 
just did not feel predictable and accurate.  That feeling is totally gone, 
even with the car drifting I still feel that my inputs are going to be 
predictable and translated to the road.  It is very surprising how such a 
seemingly small change could affect the handling.  
    I would not say that NVH is higher, but bumps in the road can definitely 
be felt more strongly.  For example, a 1" lip in the road feels more like a 
1.5" lip in the road.  There is just a lot more information being passed thru 
the steering wheel and not being vibrated out of the bushings.  If you are 
looking for an isolated ride and only drive 7/10, you will not likely need 
these bushings.  If you don't mind "feeling" the road more accurately (as in 
an M3) and drive you car at the limit, these bushings are a must, even with a 
softer suspension.  Body roll is reduce, sidewall "foldover" is reduced, and 
braking accuracy and feel are more accurate as a side benefit.  Granted, at 
$200 they are a little steep, but a good value IMO.  Enjoy,
Javad Shadzi
80 quattro turbo

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