suvs.....Re: anyone see this?

Ken Keith auditude at
Tue Sep 19 11:12:05 EDT 2000

A guy here at my work has a new expedition, and he plans on 
putting 20" wheels and low profile tires on it.  I'm sure they'll be 
chrome.  I think his is a 4wd.  Do they have 2wd expds?  I think 
they do.  Maybe it's a 2wd.

I asked him if he was going to lower it.  "Come on man, get a set of 
airbags for it (referring to adjustable suspension), or how about 
hydros?"  He said the tires would lower it a bit, and that beyond 
that he wasn't.

I'm sure even with 20"'s, the tires will leave huge wheelwell gap.



Brad Wilson <bradw at> wrote:
> Paul Wilson wrote:
> > A recent shed building project has required the assistance of my father's
> > Expedition and trailer.
> I don't know about you, but around here, the Home Depot rents trucks. Buy
> your stuff, load it on the rented truck, pay your $19, and go take the stuff
> home. Sounds better to me for the occasional fixer-upper than buying a
> dedicated vehicle for the off occasion when you need it.
> Now, if you need it all the time... that's a different story...
> > The reason SUV's exist is part fashion and part necessity.
> The reason trucks in general exist is necessity. This "SUV craze" has
> nothing to do with necessity. It's all fashion. There are people who are
> unfortunately screwed by this popularity, as they watch the vehicle they
> need double in price. Remember when you could get a pickup truck for less
> than a car? Remember when Suburbans can in vinyl, not leather and carpet?
> These things will correct themselves, sooner or later. People are waaaaay
> too trendy to not keep up with the Joneses.
> Best regards,
> Brad
> 2000 A6 2.7 biturbo quattro (I WANTED A WAGON WITH 2.7t! <grin>)

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