Urq dash problems

SIMON HOLTBY sholtby at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Sep 19 19:21:01 EDT 2000

--- Mike Ernest <mernest1 at uswest.net> wrote: >  
> Started as a buzz inside the dash and it would continue until the dash
> instruments would start to swing (power on/off). The dash shows warning
> lights as soon as the ignition is on , OXS, the Battery icon and the
> brake.
> I did find the fuse that controls the dash and when unplugged the dash
> is
> dead and the buzz goes away. The buzz is intermittent and when I idling
> at a
> light it starts. I can get it to stop with a quick blip on the gas
> pedal.
> Ideas???
Sounds like some kind of voltage regulation problem either the one in the
dash or the one in the alternator probably the former.
Try doing some testing with a volt meter.

Simon Holtby
'84 urq

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