re evo spoiler

Alan Pritchard alanthecelt at
Tue Sep 19 19:36:29 EDT 2000

yes, a golf 3, it was given to me when my mate scratched it on the back of
some ford, he had it replaced so the whole thing went my way.  to make it
fit the metal subframe had to be severely butchered to make it sit flush on
the cgt, two brackets had (have) to be welded on to fit.  the next problem
is the back edge of the bumper is ever so slightly rounded so ive had to
hack that straight.  also the angle of the sides of the car aare 10? degrees
different, but i have to square the inside corners off to make it snug, and
hopefully with some gentle heat and persuasion it should pullup nicely and
look mean as f**k.  whilst im on the subject does anyone knowe where i could
get a set of pattern lights for said bumper?  cheaply....

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