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Tue Sep 19 15:47:14 EDT 2000

How about let's not and say we did? ;-) Okay, I can't resist...

Seriously, I'm not sure which I detest more, SUVs or minivans but each
has it's place I suppose. OTOH, I find that my wife's 1985 ovloV 240DL
"mommiewagon" does a fine job at doing everything we could/would expect
of either a minivan or SUV _except_ go offroad (which 99% or the modern
"problem" SUV's don't do anyway). Hey, if you're in construction, have a
boat, race car, etc. to tow, or whatever I see no problem with the
things, there is a point where you really do need one. Point being is
that the sacrificial ovloV, bless it's heart at 210k miles old, has
hauled everything imaginable from loads of bricks and dirt to monster
book cases on the roof to heavy duty oversized clothes dryers and
everything in between. This in between daily service as a true mom's
taxi that seats 7. In fact with the new no kids in airbag seats rules
our kid's school now has it seats *more* kids than a SUV or minivan for
field trips...go figure. I hate the thing, parts cost more than my
quattro, it is boring to drive, etc. but guess what? My wife absolutly
loves it and it will keep going forever. If there is an unfortunate
circumstance on the road it handles okay enough to maybe get her out of
trouble (read it can swerve or brake better than an Explorer) and has
bodyshell strength to protect my family better than any SUV going.

The irony is when that ovloV was new (1985) they had quite the stigma
too didn't they? Now they're passe' and we got it cheap (well..I paid
less for my 5ktq actually). The most important thing to keep in mind is
it is not the machine, rather the operator at fault...more often than
not for making a poor buying decision based on savy marketing the desire
to be in the "me too" crowd. The tragic part is these vehicles indeed do
insulate the driver from speed and control and lives are being lost as a
result of these top heavy ill handling vehicular thugs rolling down the
road impervious to all at 80+ mph.

Enough ranting from me. I have nothing against the folks who drive these
things, even when/if they are crappy drivers...after all that's not a
reflection of the vehicle rather licensing laws and driver training.
What I do have a problem with is the marketing machine that foisted
these things upon us. They really are not required as a daily driver by
anyone yet that is how most get used.

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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