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Tue Sep 19 19:15:23 EDT 2000

It doesn't seem like the kids nowadays have to pay for their cars like they 
used to.  My first was an 86 4000s, which was the best, (and some argue the 
worst) thing that happened to me for $1900!  Now after 7 years, the Audi 
flame burns hotter than ever!!
My 2 cents.
Craig K. Porter
1998 A4 30v 2.8 Quattro, K&N, X-drilled rotors, Stebro SS exhaust

1970 914 1.7, 5 lug conversion, 19 mm MC, flared

>No foolin' kids not have to buy their _own_ cars anymore?
> Steve
>First car 1974 Fiat X1/9....$1800...what a blast!

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