89 200 tqa - charging system questions

Samir Shah gofast1 at home.com
Tue Sep 19 19:39:29 EDT 2000

Here's the situation: When I start the car, the voltmeter (after a blip) is
almost at the '14V line', even at idle. As you use the car, it slowly drops
down to midway between the 14V line and the 12V line while driving (13v?),
and at idle is at the 12V line.

Then, when I park it, the fan runs for about 13-15 mins. If I have the alarm
computer connected, this means that next morning there is not enough juice
to restart it. If I have the alarm disconnected, the charge will usually be
good enough even after 2-3 days.

I have changed the line from the alternator to the battery with a 1AWG
single piece, to combat corrosion. I've supplemented the wire from the
fusebox to the dash with a second thick wire as well. I've also changed the
voltage regulator (the old one showed corrosion on the resistor), which
helped a little. I do have the larger alternator (115A, I think).

As a check, can someone give me the right part # for the voltage regulator -
new one was slightly different than old one.

Maybe I need a voltage regulator upgrade? Is there one?

How can I reduce the amount of time the fan runs? If this time dependant, or
temp dependant? I use synthetic oil, so I don't think I'll have as much of a
coking problem in the turbo.

Would I get excess current draw from the alarm if the lock thingy is not
indexed correctly?

All other ideas appreciated. Thanks.

Believe it or not, this is the only thing thats currently a problem in the
wagon! (And the seat heaters).


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