cooling fans for 1992 100

Elliott Potter epotter at
Wed Sep 20 01:08:27 EDT 2000

i'm not sure how it is in the 100, but in the 90 V6 cars there is a big
heatsink (maybe 8" tall and 5" wide, shaped like   \___/  ) mounted on
the front driver's side of the engine bay, accessible from underneath
the car.  There are three big VR's on it, and the top one (again, on the
90) is where the positive wire on each fan plugs in.  There's also a
ground point nearby, just around the front corner for the ground wires
for each fan.


Tom Milanovic wrote:
> Could someone with a 1992 100S w/5speed please tell me how to correctly wire
> the 2 radiator cooling fan motors to the terminal located inside the
> driver's front fender.  I bought the car from a "handy man" that rigged the
> one cooling fan that worked (an aftermarket, of course!) to the block and
> left the other disconected.  I have two brand new siemens motors that I
> would like to wire correctly.  I figured out the ground, I'm more concerned
> with the positive leads.  I have tried to follow both relays and assume that
> the thick wire on the block is for high speed, the thinner wire is for
> medium speed, but am not sure if one fan motor lead is connected to the
> thicker wire on the block, the other motor lead to the thinner, or both on
> one, etc.  Right now I have only one motor hooked up to the thicker lead.
> It kicks on whenever the a/c is turned on but not when the motor heats up
> (at least not before it boils over).  I tested the coolant temp switch for
> continuity in a pot of water on the stove, it works at the correct
> temperatures.  Next time someone is changing the oil could you peek over and
> let me know the correct way to wire these motors up?
> Thanks,
> Tom Milanovic

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