Cooling fan always on...'86 CGT

Nate Stuart nathan.stuart at
Wed Sep 20 02:15:02 EDT 2000

> I have the dreaded cooling fan always on high syndrome with out '86 CGT. I
> dealt with this a couple of years back with my '92 100, and the problem
> the thermoswitch on the radiator. I have already confirmed that the relay
> for the fan is OK. So I am looking at a new thermoswitch

That's my bet. Unplug the connector (at the bottom, firewall side, of the
rad) to confirm/deny that the switch is bad. When you unplug the switch the
fan should not come on at all (unless the after-run kicks it on when the car
is hot) so don't let the car sit there running (obviously:). Only do this
with the car off (and cool) so you don't lose or injure any digits with the
fan perilously close by.

> , or less likely the
> resistor pack? Or is the system on the older cars different? TIA.

The CGT's don't have a resistor pack because they use a single speed fan.

'86 4kcs(soon to be t)q
'87 5kcstq (donor, need parts!?)

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