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> A guy here at my work has a new expedition, and he plans on
> putting 20" wheels and low profile tires on it.  I'm sure they'll be
> chrome.  I think his is a 4wd.  Do they have 2wd expds?  I think
> they do.  Maybe it's a 2wd.
> I asked him if he was going to lower it.  "Come on man, get a set of
> airbags for it (referring to adjustable suspension), or how about
> hydros?"  He said the tires would lower it a bit, and that beyond
> that he wasn't.
> I'm sure even with 20"'s, the tires will leave huge wheelwell gap.

        I lived in FT Lauderdale FL for awhile and everybody had expensive
rides.  One of the worst looking rim setups on an SUV was on a Suburban with
20" chrome Scimitars and 20 series rubber.  It looked TERRIBLE!  It looked
like a truck with wheels from a wild west stagecoach!  Alas, yes, he did
have a good 4 or 5 inches he could have dropped the truck, even with the

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