vauxhall - nac

Tom Nas tnas at
Wed Sep 20 09:09:59 EDT 2000

"Alan Pritchard" <alanthecelt at wrote:

>i know this isnt the place, but as its the only list im on ill ask, does
>anyone know anything about vauxhall engine transplants?  specifically a
>cavalier sri 130 engine into a nova gte??  can it be done? is it easy?  do i
>need any other parts??  this is for a friend without internet access. thanx

Better clarify that for the rest of Europe who don't know about Vauxhalls: 
it's the Opel Ascona C/Vectra A FWD block and it's supposed to be inserted 
into a Corsa A GSI.
Sorry, can't help you with the actual question. It's been years since I was 
into Opels.


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