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Wed Sep 20 03:33:00 EDT 2000

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> >Tanks for the tune-up, Unka Bart.  Can you distinguish a size
> >between RCH and B(lack)CH or Y(eller)CH?  Is red prized for its
> I used to know the answer (to this, and many other of life's little
> mysteries), but alas, I'm old, and I forget...
> And BTW, only civilians say "RCH."
> Real Men ® always use the proper terminology, Romeo Charlie Hotel.
> Yer Kindly Ol' Unka Bart
        You mean it's not the "Rude Chick Hair" ?  Personally I can't stand
the R's in the CH.  I prefer the light one because it's generally the only
one that is submissive enough to put up with my ADUI raving (Typo?...  not
from my BCH.  WOA!  don't anybody tell her I called her that!)


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